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101 Night Sleep Trial with Free Returns on Puffy Mattresses

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Before I met my hubby, I put more emphasis on style over comfort in everything that I bought including mattresses. Over the years, I have changed my thinking. When I go shopping, I now consider comfort and practicality more important than style.  Yes, my husband has greatly influenced me in that area.

I learned my lesson big time when he suggested that I should wear a different pair of shoes on my flight abroad.  I insisted on wearing the pair that was less comfortable yet stylish.  My flight got interrupted and lengthened because of bad weather …

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Places the Drafts in Your Home Come From

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Ready to go hunting? No, not for elk or deer, but for the source of those pesky drafts in your home. When air leaks into your house, it can drive your energy bills up and your comfort level down. Before you can seal those cracks, you need to find out where air sneaks in. Here are some places where you should look for air-admitting cracks.

Electrical Outlets

Miniscule cracks can form around the electrical outlets in your home, giving outdoor air the perfect opportunity to creep into your house. These cracks can also contribute …

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Blogging Platform with a Touch of Social Media?

I have been blogging since 2005. It first started as a hobby then turn into a business. As a newbie in the blogosphere, I first used blogging platforms that offered free hosting. I used Blogger and Bravenet. I think they were the best way to go if you are new to the blogging world.

It took me about a year or two before I purchased my own domain names. Then, in 2007, I officially started my business working from my home. Taking surveys was my first work-from-home job and then, for some reason, my attention got diverted to blogging. My …

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Life Story

My Early Years

For me, life has been hard.  As a matter of fact, my hubby says that my favorite saying is ” life is hard”.  I always say that when I get depressed or discouraged.  The truth is that life used to be hard but I didn’t really realize it when I was a kid.  In fact,  life has been pretty good lately for me and the future seems very bright.  My biggest problem right now is my impatience.  I know that really good things are coming but it’s hard to wait.  Patience is not my greatest virtue.

I was born into …

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What You Should Know Before You Start Digging In Your Backyard

          What considerations should you be aware of before you start to dig?

There are many reasons why people decide to dig in their garden. They may simply want to plant shrubs or bushes; or a bigger job may be involved. If you want to erect a new fence, or build an extension or shed, digging will be required. Of course, the digging may not always be done by you. But there are still certain things you need to be aware of.

We are going to take a look at three important aspects you need to think …

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Ways Preventative HVAC Maintenance Helps You Save Money

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Have you been tempted to skip regular maintenance on your heating and cooling systems to save money? Many people do, only to discover later that they’ve made a costly mistake. The truth is that regular servicing, cleaning, and inspection of your HVAC units will save you money in the long run. These systems are some of the most expensive components of your home, and regular professional care is necessary to keep them operating at peak efficiency and to prevent costly repairs or replacements.

Save Energy

Your heating and cooling systems represent nearly half of your

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Enjoying Tea During These Cold Days

Both my hubby and I are tea drinkers, whether it be a cool and refreshing ice tea in the summer or a warm hearty winter time hot brew . We always have tea bags in our cupboards. During summer we make sun tea by putting a large clear glass container out on our deck with a few tea bags in it. During cold days, we brew our tea indoors on top of our wood burning stove. We are both trying to eat healthily that includes watching what we eat and drink.

Even though, my hubby and I like tea a …

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