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How to Hire General Contractors for Emergency Repairs

Emergencies happen within your home at inconvenient times. You should not have to wait days to have emergency repairs taken care of or estimates to come in for those repairs. It is important to stress that the situation is urgent and requires emergency attention. The steps below will help you get contractors fast to remedy the emergency.

Consider Independent General Contractors

Independent general contractors work for themselves, which means they have some flexibility in their pricing. This does not mean that their quality is any less than a major service provider’s as independent workers rely on satisfied customers to pay …

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Enter the Mia Tui #Handbag #Giveaway

Mia Tui offers a wide selection of stylish bags for different occasions.  You can choose bags from fashion to functionality, whatever fits your busy lifestyle.

Great Bags for all needs – Travel Bags/ Work Bags / Gym Bags / Changing Bags / Clutch Bags / Crossover Bags

Mia Tui bags are for busy women everywhere. Mia Tui will make you feel organized. Bags are made with the highest quality fabrics and they do not use any animal based products throughout the whole Mia Tui range, so suitable for Vegans .

Mia Tui bags are for busy women everywhere.
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Little Fashionista

This is a story about the little fashionista, my niece. These pictures were taken when she was just one year old. My sister first put a dress on her as shown on the left. For some reason, my niece did not like that dress and wanted her mom to take it off. Then my sister put on a different set of clothes and that was OK.

My niece seemed to like what she had on the second time around. Then she took the first dress and stepped on it. My sister could not believe it and started laughing at the …

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Equilibrium Energy Superfood #Supplements #Superfoods

The holiday season is definitely a busy time for most of us. It is the time of the year that I need an extra energy boost in order to survive being on my feet for hours. I am talking about household chores, taking care of my husband and my business. I usually take vitamins and minerals on a daily basis to help me get things done in a timely manner. The supplements greatly boost my energy level, especially when I am dealing with bouts of homesickness. Yes, I still deal with my fair share of homesickness even after living here …

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Anjou Dead Sea Mud Mask #Giveaway

Host: Dorky’s Deals

Sponsor: Anjou

Prize: Dead Sea Mud Mask (5 winners)

Open to US residents, ages 18+ only

Ends 12/14/16 at 11:59 PM EST

Treat yourself to the magic of the Dead Sea from the comfort of your own home with the mineral-rich Anjou Dead Sea Mud Mask, made in Israel from 100% authentic Dead Sea mud. Dead Sea Mud is packed with many natural benefits including improving complexion, unclogging pores and cleansing skin of toxins. Additionally, with its high salt content, Dead Sea Mud helps to soothe and repair common skin problems such as acne.

Anjou is

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Moving Prep and Tips Guide

Moving Prep and Tips
Winter season is not my favorite. It is frigidly cold up here in northern Minnesota and I don’t like to go outside. Even when going to town for grocery shopping, my husband has to drag me. I have been living here for almost eleven years now but I still haven’t totally adapted to the cold weather yet. It is really hard for me especially since I grew up in a tropical country, the Philippines, where it is warm all year round. I sometimes think about moving to somewhere warm and if that happens anytime soon, my hubby and I will …

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First Snow of the Year

These pictures were taken more than a week ago when we had our first big snow storm.  I woke up late and was wondering about the brightness outside while I was still in the bedroom. When I looked out the window, I found out that we finally got some snow.  Not that I was looking forward to it but when it did not come when we usually get it, I began to wonder about the reality of climate change.

It is our first real snow of the year and will probably stay until spring.  We got all of our fall chores …

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