20% Off On These Necklaces

I usually am pretty good at restraining myself from overspending when I shop but jewelry, clothes, shoes and that kind of stuff are very hard for me to resist.  Last Labor Day weekend, I was looking at these necklaces on Amazon and could not resist.  My hubby got quiet when I told him that I just ordered three necklaces online.   He is not a big fan of jewelry and wasn’t expecting to hear that kind of news first thing in the morning.

Anyhow, these necklaces are currently on sale.  By using this coupon code DEVKBLJ4, you will save 20% off your purchase.  I find this Fancilla Honey Bee Pendant Necklace Queen Bee Bumblebee is the cutest among the three.  I purchased this for my seven-year-old niece because she loves bugs.  I will be buying two more for my other two nieces in Germany and the Philippines.  They are all into animal stuff so this Fancilla Honey Bee Pendant Necklace Queen Bee Bumblebee necklace is the perfect choice for them.

I will be keeping this Fancilla Interlocking Triple Circles Love Infinity Y Shape Necklace with Gemstones for myself.  I love it and it is just the necklace that I have been wanting for quite some time.  It has a unique style and it is now my every day to wear necklace.

This is the Fancilla Women’s Novelty Simulated CZ and Pearl Pendant Necklace.  This necklace is also cute and has a unique design.  This can be the ideal gift for someone special on that special occasion.