A Suitable Patio Umbrella For Your Small Back Yard

Purple Leaf brown 9 Feet Patio Umbrella with Push Button Tilt and Crank

During summer seasons, the solar can be so unbearable. Staying indoors during this season is very uncomfortable. A patio umbrella is the best choice for you to avoid too much heat (see http://homelilys.com/furniture-accessories/patio- furniture-furniture- accessories/9-foot-patio-umbrella/ for some of the best umbrella). A patio umbrella is a simplest and most affordable option. It is important to consider the size of your backyard before purchasing your patio umbrella. Patio umbrellas come in varied sizes, shapes, and colors. For a small backyard you need to consider a patio umbrella with the following features;

Angle of the Umbrella

You may want to spend the whole day in your patio umbrella. A patio umbrella that is easily adjustable is suitable. An adjustable patio umbrella allows you to make tilts at angles of your choice. The tilt umbrellas enable you to get shades at different positions of the sun. There are a number of varieties in the market that have this feature. There are crank tilt umbrellas, push-button tilt umbrellas, and collar tilt umbrellas. I would recommend that you choose a collar tilt umbrella since it is easy to tilt unlike the push-button and the crank tilt umbrella. The collar umbrella can be tilted while sited by simply rotating the collar to the desired position.

Anchor Base Weights

The base weights are purchased separately from the umbrella. The anchor weights are meant to provide support to the umbrella to avoid being blown away by strong winds. The choice of the anchor depends on the size and height of the umbrella. An anchor weight that is actually suitable for almost all sizes of an umbrella is that of more than 75 pounds. An umbrella for instance that has less than 9 feet diameter will need a 50-pound anchor to balance the weight of the umbrella. However using a heavier base does no harm to smaller umbrellas. I will recommend therefore that you get a heavier weight regardless of the size of your umbrella.

The Right Umbrella Size

The size of the umbrella depends on the amount of space that you have in your backyard and the size of shade that you desire. Many people will go for a larger umbrella to provide a sufficient shade. On the other hand, a larger umbrella can easily fall when blown by strong winds. The standard and recommended size of patio umbrella are that of a diameter of 8.5 feet.

The Right Frames for the Patio Umbrellas

The choice of a patio umbrella frame is based on personal preference. There are several types of frames, they include, wooden type, aluminum type, and fiberglass type. The difference between the three is the durability, flexibility, weight, and attractiveness. I would for a fiberglass type of frame, this is because it is lighter, resistant to corrosion and more so look attractive.

The Type of Material

The choice of material of a patio umbrella is based on the cost and durability. The types of materials include solution dried acrylics, polyesters, vinyl and cotton. The best patio umbrella is the Sunbrella, which is purely made of solution-dried acrylic fabric. The material is resistant to sun and rain effects.

The Level of UV Protection

While enjoying the shade, you may want to consider a number of UV rays that you may be absorbing. The material that makes up the umbrella determine the amount of UV radiation that passes to you. Some material is poor absorbers of UV radiation, and other are best. Our skins are very sensitive to UV radiation, therefore when buying a patio umbrella, ensure that it does protect you from these harmful rays. The patio umbrella made with a solution- dried acrylic fiber has been proven to offer 98% protection against the UV radiation. Other materials do offer protection but minimal compared to that of sunbrella.

In conclusion, patio umbrellas are very important to us during summer. These umbrellas do come in a broad variety; it is only us to choose the most preferable to us. The cost of a patio umbrella is relatively cost and is conveniently available in stores.