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Actionable Tips That Can Help You Quit Smoking in 2017

Most people think that in order to quit smoking all you have to do is stop consuming cigarettes. Wrong! This is precisely why people relapse. Unless you have an enormous incentive to completely quit, there is a good chance you will get back to it sooner than later.

Quitting is something that can hardly be done in one go. It is much easier to create a step by step procedure that will guide you from initial days to a couple of months into the quitting. It all comes down to simple ideas and procedures that help you reduce and eliminate cigarettes from your life.

Everything you do needs to lead you to one point. Just make sure to implement these tips on a daily basis and you are on your way to completely eliminate this awful vice.

1. Proper attitude

It always starts from proper attitude and your mental setup. You need to be in the right place in your life in order to start quitting smokes. Here, I am mainly referring to the fact that you shouldn’t be stressed out or have something else pressing down on you in life. In fact, stress is one of the most
common causes why we smoke. Whenever we feel tension, it is common for a person to light a cigarette. This is why it is so easy for people with issues to relapse and is better to wait for some other time to do it.

2. Reduction of consumption

Another reason why people easily go back to smoking is because they start with big expectations. As if it is so easy to instantly go cold turkey. The problem is because smoking becomes one of our most popular and loved rituals over the years. In fact, there are several other things we tend to do together with smoking. So this means that by quitting cigarettes you, in fact, have to change a lot of different things in your life. The best way to make a painless transition is by taking little steps. First of all, you need to reduce consumption before you completely stop. For example, you can try electronic cigarettes that work on e-juice. Another good trick is to start buying smaller quantities of cigarettes. If the first available shop is a far away from your home this means that every trip will be a hassle. By buying less you are limiting yourself in a way.

3. Support system

Like with every vice, having a support is very important. Some people go to groups while others ask family for help. There is no shame in doing either one of these. Everyone has a different perception of cigarettes and tobacco. Nevertheless, the issue is always the same. By discussing your problem and
sharing the experience you might even get a good advice that will help you while quitting.

4. Create a reward system

Sometimes it can really be hard to continue avoiding smokes. Even if you have the right reason and proper attitude there will always be something pulling you back. This is when you need to create a reward system. You need to constantly find a way to remind yourself that quitting smokes is one of the best things you could’ve done for yourself. In a way, you need to find something else that will occupy you. One of the best methods is creating a stash where you will store all the cash which you would otherwise spend on cigarettes. Use that money to treat yourself from time to time and you will quickly realize there are better ways to spend your earnings.

5. Clean your house thoroughly

If you are trying to quit, you will likely have a need for a smoke from time to time. There will be certain items that will remind you of smokes and how they taste. Best way to counter them? Simply remove them from your life. Ideally, you should start by cleaning your home, vacuuming and using different odors. Smell of cigarettes stays in fabric and lingers there. When you decide to quit make sure to remove the curtains, carpets and all the fabric, completely clean it and add it new fresh odors.