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Ways Humidity Affects the Interior Temperature of the Home

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We’ve all sweltered on a humid day, even though our phone’s weather app tell us it’s not that hot outside. That’s because humidity can warp our perception of temperature. The same principle works inside our homes. Learn more about how humidity can affect the temperature inside your home.

How Humidity Affects Indoor Temperature

When humidity levels are too high or too low, it affects the temperature inside our home.

When we feel hot, our bodies produce sweat. As the sweat evaporates from our skin, we cool down. High humidity inhibits the evaporative process. The air …

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Reasons Your Energy Bill is Too High

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You turn off the lights when you leave a room, only run full loads in the dishwasher, and install CFL light bulbs on your lamps, yet your energy bills remain frighteningly high. Problems like energy leaks, worn-out HVAC systems, and bad habits combine to create energy bills that are higher than you want. A few simple fixes will help your household cut its energy consumption.

Your Home Has Energy Leaks

Lots of tiny air leaks exist in the average home. The most obvious exist around doors and windows, but plumbing, electrical outlets, and even …

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Simple Ways to Save Money and Make Your Home a Great Place to Live

Heater Tune-Up Buffalo NYYou may not often consider that when you participate in home upkeep measures, you’re saving money in the long run, but that’s often the case. There are numerous home maintenance and improvement tasks you can do to make your home more comfortable while cutting long-term costs.

Deal With Bothersome Drafts

Drafty areas of your home probably aren’t as noticeable during the warmest months of the year, especially if you already have the windows and doors open for fresh air anyway. However, when the weather starts to turn cold, you’ll probably begin to feel drafty areas.

Weather stripping and door sweeps …

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Save Up To $250 on iKrema Memory Foam Mattresses

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In the past, I have usually preferred style over comfort in most of the choices I have made when buying stuff and that includes even in mattresses. While growing up in the Philippines, we did not even have a mattress to sleep on and it just seemed normal to me. My family could hardly afford to put food on the table much less buy mattresses. I did not know how it felt to have a soft, comfy bed to sleep in.

I could still probably sleep on the floor here without much trouble but my hubby, on the other hand, …

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What Causes Faucet to Drip

featured-toilet-repair-servicesWhat can you do to stop a traditional style tap dripping?

There are two types of tap that are generally present in homes. One of these is a lever style tap that has just one handle. The other is a traditional style tap. If you are experiencing problems with a lever style tap it could be that the cartridge needs to be replaced. It’s more common for a traditional style tap to leak and it’s often a fairly easy task to resolve the problem. The usual cause is wear and tear to an internal rubber seal or washer.

We …

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How Many Treatments are Required to Kill Household Pests

If you have a problem with pests in your home then often the best thing to do is call for professional help. You can speak to a New Jersey exterminator and hire them to get rid of the pests from your home. You may be wondering whether they are able to do this in just one visit.

When it comes to pest control there is not a one size fits all solution. The products and processes used in clearing pests from your home vary, depending on the type of pest involved and other factors such as the people who live …

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Missin the Fishin?

One of the favorite things that we enjoy here in northern Minnesota is the fishing. We always look forward to ice out and spring fishing which is the best. That is the time that we like to stock up our freezer with our limit of crappies and walleyes because other times of the year, they are harder to catch or out of season. Walleyes and crappies are a couple of the best tasting fish on the planet, especially when they are fresh out of the lake.

Last year in particular, my husband and I were both looking forward to the …

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