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101 Night Sleep Trial with Free Returns on Puffy Mattresses

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Before I met my hubby, I put more emphasis on style over comfort in everything that I bought including mattresses. Over the years, I have changed my thinking. When I go shopping, I now consider comfort and practicality more important than style.  Yes, my husband has greatly influenced me in that area.

I learned my lesson big time when he suggested that I should wear a different pair of shoes on my flight abroad.  I insisted on wearing the pair that was less comfortable yet stylish.  My flight got interrupted and lengthened because of bad weather …

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Places the Drafts in Your Home Come From

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Ready to go hunting? No, not for elk or deer, but for the source of those pesky drafts in your home. When air leaks into your house, it can drive your energy bills up and your comfort level down. Before you can seal those cracks, you need to find out where air sneaks in. Here are some places where you should look for air-admitting cracks.

Electrical Outlets

Miniscule cracks can form around the electrical outlets in your home, giving outdoor air the perfect opportunity to creep into your house. These cracks can also contribute …

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What You Should Know Before You Start Digging In Your Backyard

          What considerations should you be aware of before you start to dig?

There are many reasons why people decide to dig in their garden. They may simply want to plant shrubs or bushes; or a bigger job may be involved. If you want to erect a new fence, or build an extension or shed, digging will be required. Of course, the digging may not always be done by you. But there are still certain things you need to be aware of.

We are going to take a look at three important aspects you need to think …

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Ways Preventative HVAC Maintenance Helps You Save Money

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Have you been tempted to skip regular maintenance on your heating and cooling systems to save money? Many people do, only to discover later that they’ve made a costly mistake. The truth is that regular servicing, cleaning, and inspection of your HVAC units will save you money in the long run. These systems are some of the most expensive components of your home, and regular professional care is necessary to keep them operating at peak efficiency and to prevent costly repairs or replacements.

Save Energy

Your heating and cooling systems represent nearly half of your

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Ways Humidity Affects the Interior Temperature of the Home

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We’ve all sweltered on a humid day, even though our phone’s weather app tell us it’s not that hot outside. That’s because humidity can warp our perception of temperature. The same principle works inside our homes. Learn more about how humidity can affect the temperature inside your home.

How Humidity Affects Indoor Temperature

When humidity levels are too high or too low, it affects the temperature inside our home.

When we feel hot, our bodies produce sweat. As the sweat evaporates from our skin, we cool down. High humidity inhibits the evaporative process. The air …

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Reasons Your Energy Bill is Too High

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You turn off the lights when you leave a room, only run full loads in the dishwasher, and install CFL light bulbs on your lamps, yet your energy bills remain frighteningly high. Problems like energy leaks, worn-out HVAC systems, and bad habits combine to create energy bills that are higher than you want. A few simple fixes will help your household cut its energy consumption.

Your Home Has Energy Leaks

Lots of tiny air leaks exist in the average home. The most obvious exist around doors and windows, but plumbing, electrical outlets, and even …

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Simple Ways to Save Money and Make Your Home a Great Place to Live

Heater Tune-Up Buffalo NYYou may not often consider that when you participate in home upkeep measures, you’re saving money in the long run, but that’s often the case. There are numerous home maintenance and improvement tasks you can do to make your home more comfortable while cutting long-term costs.

Deal With Bothersome Drafts

Drafty areas of your home probably aren’t as noticeable during the warmest months of the year, especially if you already have the windows and doors open for fresh air anyway. However, when the weather starts to turn cold, you’ll probably begin to feel drafty areas.

Weather stripping and door sweeps …

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