6 Cool Tips for Safe and Comfortable Hiking

Ultralight Backpacking Guide (How to Easily Conquer Lightweight Hiking)When it comes to hiking, safety should always come first. People often neglect the fact that they are alone in the wilderness. They get caught in natural beauty forgetting how dangerous that beauty may be.

No matter what, you always need to prioritize your comfort and safety. That may sound odd and mutually exclusive. But, it is possible to safely hike while feeling comfortable. All you need is a couple of hiking tricks which we will now share with you.

1. Go ultralight

One of the safest and most comfortable things you can do before a hike is reducing your …

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Popular Vacation Destinations in Asia

 photo jeje_zps9cbc8bdd.jpg

photo credit to: Jelieta Egloria Mariveles-Walinski

Traveling exposes a person to different cultures. When people decide to leave the comforts of their home and venture to other locations there is usually a reason behind it. It is also therapeutic for people to travel. Whether it be for relaxation or a business trip, traveling makes one appreciate the world and his home.

There are a lot of popular vacation destinations all over the world. You can choose from well-known beaches, popular theme parks, museums and monuments known all over the world and ones close to nature. Your travel destination would greatly …

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Challenge in Buying Plane Tickets

 photo DSC_0004_zpsf173b9c7.jpgOne of the biggest challenges my hubby face when planning a trip to the Philippines is buying the plane tickets. Since he is 6’4 and 270 lbs, it is really important for him to be able to get as comfortable as possible and try to break up the segments of the trip so that there are none over ten hours long. Now that he has been experiencing problems with his back and legs, it is more important than ever that he has extra leg room and comfortable seating for the long flight. We can’t really afford the high price of …

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First Home Village Visit

 photo IMG_0304-1_zpstg1utwet.jpgThe next day after the pool and dinner get together with friends and siblings, my new hubby and I went to my home village. It was his first visit to the place where I grew up. He was surprised when all of the neighbors and their children came to meet him. He said that he felt like he was being treated like a rock star, especially from the kids. I told him that kind of treatment was normal there in my village, especially if you were a foreigner.

We spent the day there in the village eating my favorite dishes …

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Ah…Finally Paradise

 photo IMG_0445 1_zps36v5wd4d.jpg

Finally, it was beginning to feel like a real honeymoon for both of us. The warm summer breezes off the ocean and the cool moonlit nights walking on the white sugar sand beach were like living a dream for me. Each morning we would sleep in late and then get up to go for the most wonderful breakfast buffet that I had ever tasted.

 photo IMG_0449_zpshn04cawv.jpg

The resort had two restaurants. One was primarily an open-air seafood restaurant located on a narrow peninsula reaching out into the ocean. The other was a beautiful glass enclosed pavilion next to a palm surrounded, pond …

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A Little Paint?!?

 photo IMG_0495.jpg

It was a beautiful sunny morning as we approached the northern coastline of Mindanao. The ocean was calm and the mountains of my home island glistened majestically in the morning sun. We were late getting in to port and I was suffering from lack of sleep. My husband had quickly and easily drifted back off to sleep after our “incident” but I was too shaken to get any more sleep at all that night. It wasn’t until later that I told him the history of the many ferry accidents that had taken hundreds of lives in my country over the …

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Close Call

 photo IMG_0506.jpgI used to have a fear of water and traveling by boat. I did not like the idea of taking a ferry from Mindanao to Cebu for our honeymoon but my fiance thought it would be like a romantic cruise. I knew better but I was too shy to tell him of my fears and what the ferry boats were really like.

The boat we had taken over to Cebu was very crowded and the state room that we had was clean and neat despite the fact that it was somewhat claustrophobic in the interior of the ship. The state …

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