6 Cool Tips for Safe and Comfortable Hiking

Ultralight Backpacking Guide (How to Easily Conquer Lightweight Hiking)When it comes to hiking, safety should always come first. People often neglect the fact that they are alone in the wilderness. They get caught in natural beauty forgetting how dangerous that beauty may be.

No matter what, you always need to prioritize your comfort and safety. That may sound odd and mutually exclusive. But, it is possible to safely hike while feeling comfortable. All you need is a couple of hiking tricks which we will now share with you.

1. Go ultralight

One of the safest and most comfortable things you can do before a hike is reducing your …

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Popular Vacation Destinations in Asia

 photo jeje_zps9cbc8bdd.jpg

photo credit to: Jelieta Egloria Mariveles-Walinski

Traveling exposes a person to different cultures. When people decide to leave the comforts of their home and venture to other locations there is usually a reason behind it. It is also therapeutic for people to travel. Whether it be for relaxation or a business trip, traveling makes one appreciate the world and his home.

There are a lot of popular vacation destinations all over the world. You can choose from well-known beaches, popular theme parks, museums and monuments known all over the world and ones close to nature. Your travel destination would greatly …

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Travel Companies Philanthropic Initiatives and Charitable Programs

Consumers care about corporate social responsibility. That’s why when companies give back to their communities, they get the support of consumers. Check out these five travel companies with philanthropic initiatives and charitable programs that show they care about the greater good of society.

Priceline’s Employee-Led Charitable Events

Image via Flickr by rapidtravelchai

Priceline is one of the biggest online booking companies in the world. It partners with hotels, car rentals, cruises, and other vacation bookings to provide customers a one-stop booking experience with the best prices. Because of Priceline’s success, the company believes in giving back to its community. …

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NMEDA Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

This post brought to you by National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Morning Side Fit.

I had never seen any handicapped vehicles before I came here to the US. These types of vehicles are a real life saver for people who have disabilities.  They are easy to enter and exit as well as drive for people in wheelchairs.

I know three people in my family that need this kind of vehicle. First, my sister in-law’s brother. He had an accident many years ago that left him completely paralyzed in the legs …

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Route Planning Software for Your Business

 photo most-downloaded_zps021c7279.jpgAre you frustrated by the long hours you spend planning daily routes to ensure that your goods and services get delivered in a timely manner?  If so, you should check out Route4Me.

You would be amazed by the wealth of services they offer to make your life easier.  You don’t have to spend hours manually mapping out your route.  The route planner of Route4Me is the most accurate route optimization and sequencing tool currently available.

As the fastest geo-coder, the routing software cuts planning time to less than 10 minutes and offers added efficiency to your drivers.  They are no …

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Freight Logistics


My hubby and I like to travel a lot. We spent most of this last winter in my home country, the Philippines. We thought we were going to avoid all of the winter by getting back on March 19th, but here it is April 22nd and we still have a huge pile of snow in our front yard. As a matter of fact, it was snowing quite heavily just yesterday.

We are really looking forward to getting some warm weather to melt all the snow and ice off from the lakes so that we can get out in the boat …

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