Crappie Soup

My hubby and I went fishing today.   We caught five crappies, a walleye and a pretty good bunch of fish.   My hubby caught most of the fish.  The first thing that I had in mind when my hubby caught the first crappie was fish soup :-).  I have been wanting to make fish soup but have been holding off because I want to use fresh fish.  I have been fishing for years since I got here to the US but I have not thought about cooking fish soup before.

It took me six long years of living here in the US before I finally made a good tasting crappie soup.  I put bell pepper & jalapeño leaves, beans, tomatoes, lemon grass and onions in the soup.  It smells so good.  It reminds me of home in the Philippines when I was eating this for my supper.  Fish soup is a common dish that my mother loves to cook because it is quick and easy to prepare.