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Educate Yourself About Healthcare for a Chance to Win $500

Before I came here to the US, I knew nothing about health insurance. In my native country, the Philippines, my family did not have anything that would resemble a basic health insurance plan here. That was probably because we could not even afford to put enough food on the table most of the time, much less setting aside a budget for a healthcare plan.

When we would get sick, we mostly relied on taking herbal medicines. When the illness would get a little more serious, we would scramble to try to scrape up enough money to pay for the hospital bills and medicines. It was often very difficult to get by and all too often many people couldn’t. We would always hope and pray for good health but then again, good health is not guaranteed to any of us.

I had no health care plan or coverage until it was mandated by the Affordable Healthcare Act.   Then, through MNSure, I got a reasonably priced package that I have not had the need for yet.  Hopefully, I won’t be using it anytime soon but just in case, it is nice to know that it is there in case of an emergency.  

Here are a few tips that we all should take note of:

Take Care Of Yourself

You know yourself better than anyone else. Even though you have family and friends, they can only do so much for you. At the end of the day, you are still responsible for your own well-being. Eating sensibly, staying active and sometimes taking supplements are wise choices.  It is only you that makes them.

Health Scares Happen When You Least Expect Them

Always be ready because stuff happens when you least expect it. When my hubby got hospitalized six years ago, I had no idea how much that was going to change our lives.  I thought that it was just a one-time problem but he continues to suffer long-term pain and other problems.  If he did not have a healthcare plan, the medications would have been costing us thousands of dollars.

It Is Very Important

Educating yourself about healthcare is very important. Always listen to your body. Had my hubby not educated himself about health care, he would likely have been six feet under a long time ago.

We all are busy but here’s a fun way to educate yourself about the in’s and out’s of healthcare. Go here to play the interactive games that will help you better understand and effectively use your health plan benefits. Each of the three games has a $500 monthly prize and a $100 weekly prize. You can enter daily for each of the three games and sign up for UnitedHealthcare.

The first game I played was Health Facts.  The three simple and quick questions made this game an easy entry. Each game you complete has an easy to fill out entry form.