Enjoying Tea During These Cold Days

Both my hubby and I are tea drinkers, whether it be a cool and refreshing ice tea in the summer or a warm hearty winter time hot brew . We always have tea bags in our cupboards. During summer we make sun tea by putting a large clear glass container out on our deck with a few tea bags in it. During cold days, we brew our tea indoors on top of our wood burning stove. We are both trying to eat healthily that includes watching what we eat and drink.

Even though, my hubby and I like tea a lot, we don’t have a tea maker. When I got this top seller tea sampler from, my hubby and I were scratching our heads as to how we could brew it. We tried first to brew the Vanilla Chai and used a regular strainer that we already had but it was not a fine enough strainer. We went to town yesterday and looked for a regular tea strainer and found a tea ball. It was a bit of an improvement but still not exactly what we were looking for. My hubby who is an inventor, has since come up with a couple of ideas that he is experimenting with and we will keep you up to date as to how that goes.

We usually like a little of sweetener in our tea and this time my hubby added some creamer. We could only rate the Vanilla Chai as excellent. We are still looking for a little bit better method to brew it that will bring out the full-bodied tea flavor before we use up more of the really good stuff. The next tea that I have decided to brew is the Organic Slimming Oolong. Maybe this will help me lose a few pounds that I have put on while I was on a four month long feasting vacation in the Philippines. Hopefully, I will have my beach body back by the start of the summer season.