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How Many Treatments are Required to Kill Household Pests

If you have a problem with pests in your home then often the best thing to do is call for professional help. You can speak to a New Jersey exterminator and hire them to get rid of the pests from your home. You may be wondering whether they are able to do this in just one visit.

When it comes to pest control there is not a one size fits all solution. The products and processes used in clearing pests from your home vary, depending on the type of pest involved and other factors such as the people who live in the property. For instance, it may be necessary to use a different chemical if there are children living in your home. All of these factors help to determine the number of visits required in order to deal with the problem.

The type of insect involved

Cockroaches are often one of the most difficult pests to deal with. Often, it’s necessary for the exterminator to figure out which type of cockroach they are dealing with before they can get rid of them. This being the case, it can take several visits from the exterminator before a cockroach problem is full resolved. Bed bugs can also present a challenge as the treatment to get rid of them does not destroy eggs. This means that any eggs which are left behind could hatch and necessitate another visit in the future.

The location of the infestation

If pests have invaded an easily accessible area of your kitchen it may be possible to dispose of them with one visit from the exterminator. If they have taken up residence in a far corner of the crawl space in your home it may be more difficult to resolve the issue quickly.

Baits or sprays

Sprays are generally the fastest working way to rid your home of pests. That being said, sprays are not suitable for dealing with all types of household pest. If baits need to be used you have to be patient waiting for them to work. It will also be necessary for the exterminator to visit on more than one occasion, to check the baits and determine the progress of the extermination process.

The fact is that each extermination job is dealt with as an individual case. If you hire a pest control professional to deal with your problem they will call to your home and assess the situation. They will speak to you and advise on the best process for your situation. At this point they should be able to tell you if more than one visit is likely to be needed; although they may not be able to provide an exact number of visits.

You should not let the fact that multiple pest control visits might be needed put you off calling the professionals. You need to do so in order to return your home to being a pest free zone as soon as possible.