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I Love This Sensationnel Bare & Natural Remi Weave – French Twist

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Last year, I had a problem with hair loss.  I still have no idea what caused the problem.  I am guessing, it was probably due to stress.  It was so severe that at some point in time, I was afraid to take a shower fearing that all of my hair would fall out.  My hair was so thin that I was even considering wearing a wig, especially when going out of the house.  My hubby had been telling me not to worry about it and that my hair would grow back.  He even suggested that my worrying might be part of the problem.  He was right, I have already noticed some small hair growing.  The hair loss problem, however, still worries me a bit.

This Sensationnel Bare & Natural 100% Peruvian Virgin Remi Weave – French Twist pictured above has always been my favorite wig.  I have been wanting to try to curl my hair like that but I can’t quite get the curl that tight.  When I went to the Black Hairspray website, that was the first wig that caught my attention.  Not that I have the need to wear a wig right now, I just like that kind of hairstyle.  I want that wig because I don’t want to have to permanently curl my hair.  I like to change my look every now and then.  My hubby thinks that this would be a really good look for me since I have an already dark complexion and brown eyes to start with.

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