Luma Soda – Naturally Sweetened and Flavored Soda #DrinkLuma

Someone was chomping at the bit to try Luma Soda.  Yes, my husband could not wait to open one before I finished my photography.  He opened the cherry cola.  He likes almost everything with cherry flavor.  He was sipping it while watching his favorite show on television.   That’s a nice way to relax at home in front of the fireplace, right?

Luma Soda has four different distinct flavors: cola, cherry cola, blood orange and lemon lime.  What makes Luma soda different from the typical soda is their health benefits and natural flavors.  Luma is sweetened with natural honey and nature-made monk fruit juice.   The flavors and colors are from fruits and vegetables.  There are no artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose or Ace-K and preservatives like sodium benzoate that we normally find in the typical soda.

If you are health conscious and want your soda made only with natural ingredients, you should check out Luma Soda.  Luma has changed the game of sodas for you.  Luma Soda only contains twenty-five calories and four grams of sugar, unlike other sodas and juices that contain much more.

I am into a healthy living but it doesn’t mean that I need to stop drinking soda altogether.  I still enjoy having some every now and then but Luma Soda fits right up my alley.  With Luma Soda, I feel like I am having the best of both worlds: living healthy without compromising my desire to have soda.

I had the blood orange flavor and was enjoying it while on the phone talking to my mother in the Philippines.  I liked it and loved the color of it too.

Luma is committed to providing consumers with a delicious and healthy beverage that doesn’t compromise on flavor.  If you want to give Luma Soda a try, feel free to visit their site and use this promo code: saveonluma to subscribe to the soda service.   You can subscribe on a weekly or monthly basis, whichever you prefer.