Phenocal Review: How Effective Is This Diet Supplement?

This is a guest post.

Phenocal is a weight-loss supplement manufactured and sold by a Florida-based company called Pharmaxa Labs. The supplement has been on the market since 2009 making it one of the most well-known weight-loss supplements on the market. If you were interested in trying out this product for yourself, it would be a good idea to first learn what Phenocal is and what it can do for you. To help you out, we’ve done some research on Phenocal as well as the individual ingredients added to this supplement and hope that the information collected will help you determine if Phenocal is right for you.

What is Phenocal

Phenocal is an all-natural dietary supplement said to help suppress appetite and aid in faster fat burning. The company behind this supplement is Pharmaxa Labs which specializes in making synergic blends of ingredients to maximize the efficiency of all their pharmacy-grade products. This holds true for Phenocal as well which is made using a combination of vitamins and herbs scientifically proven to help with weight-loss. The product is free of stimulants and artificial ingredients that could be potentially damaging to your health. The manufacturer of the product states that their product is safer than stimulant-containing drugs.

Phenocal to suppress your appetite

One of the key features of Phenocal is that it is, before everything else, an appetite suppressant. The key ingredient in Phenocal that helps curb appetite is Glucomannan. Numerous studies have found this fermentable dietary fiber to significantly help with weight loss. For instance, a study published in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine found that Glucomannan intake resulted in significant weight loss in overweight and obese individuals. The reason for this being that Glucomannan suppresses appetite among many other things. Other appetite suppressants added to Phenocal include the mineral chromium and the herb Yerba Mate which studies also linked to significant weight loss.

Phenocal to boost weight loss

As mentioned before, Phenocal is made of all-natural ingredients. Glucomannan is one of these components, and it’s a plant extracted water soluble fiber that has the ability to absorb big amount of water creating a gel that fills the stomach and helps the user feel full. The supplement also relies on its B vitamin complex to further help speed up the metabolism because these vitamins are believed to play a key role in cell metabolism in general. It is important to adhere to the advised dosage, however, as a study published in the World Journal of Obesity found that excess B vitamin intake through supplement could cause weight gain.

Energy boost

On the plus side, however, B vitamins are known to boost energy levels which we need in order to burn fat. When your energy levels are down, chances are you’ll find it hard to exercise or keep active when following a weight-loss diet. Luckily, you can boost your energy levels with the help of Phenocal’s proprietary blend of herbs as well as the B-complex of vitamins. Another plus of this product is that it is free of stimulants which, although cause a spike in energy levels at first, can leave you feeling drained once they wear off. Make sure to avoid stimulants when on a weight-loss program in order to maintain good health and stable energy levels.

Phenocal for greater fat-burning

Phenocal also contains an ingredient called fucoxanthin which research has linked to greater fat loss. When we’re trying to lose weight, most of us want to focus on fat loss specifically and preserve as much muscle mass as possible. Flucoxanthin was found to do just that by altering fat absorption and lipid metabolism. Flucoxanthin is a pigment found in brown algae that studies found increased fat burning in adipose tissue cells. Studies also show that supplements containing this extract caused weight loss of around 11lb after 16 weeks of consistent use. However, whether or not you will get these benefits may depend on how much you exercise and on your diet. Although the ingredients found in Phenocal are scientifically proven to work, they are provided in smaller doses to ensure your safety.


Phenocal is a dietary supplement that has been on the market for quite some time now. Although not as efficient as many other weight-loss supplements, Phenocal is proven to be safe and moderately effective. You need to keep in mind that no pill or supplement can help you shed excess weight if you don’t change your diet and exercise regularly. What Phenocal can do for you is help you control your appetite and aid in faster fat burning. But it will not result in weight loss alone by itself.