Popular Vacation Destinations in Asia

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photo credit to: Jelieta Egloria Mariveles-Walinski

Traveling exposes a person to different cultures. When people decide to leave the comforts of their home and venture to other locations there is usually a reason behind it. It is also therapeutic for people to travel. Whether it be for relaxation or a business trip, traveling makes one appreciate the world and his home.

There are a lot of popular vacation destinations all over the world. You can choose from well-known beaches, popular theme parks, museums and monuments known all over the world and ones close to nature. Your travel destination would greatly depend on who you are traveling with. You need to have special considerations if you are traveling with kids or elderly people.

Asia is the largest continent in the world. It boasts of countries with a diverse culture that stepping into one is like stepping into a different world altogether. It has the most number of natural treasures too. If you are a traveler, an experienced one or wanting to be one, make sure Asia is included in your bucket list.

Popular Travel Destinations in Asia

Here are some of the most popular travel destinations in Asia. Note that this is only barely scratching the surface of a jewel. Exploring a destination would only lead to the discovery of more destinations.

1. Beijing, China – the second biggest economy in the world. China is also a contender as the oldest civilization in the world. This capital is host to the most momentous cultural sites namely, the Great Wall of China, the only man-made structure visible from space and the Forbidden City, the imperial palace of China’s ancient dynasties.

2. India – one of the most diversely exotic cultures in the world. Angra is the host to the glamorous civilization of the Mughal Empire, which is once as progressive as the Roman Empire. Notable places included the Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

3. Palawan, Philippines – a heavenly paradise on earth that is rich in exquisite natural beauties and the most hospitable people in the world. Palawan is the home to the famed underground river, a new seven wonder of the world; the Tubbataha reef which boasts of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world; and numerous pristine tropical beaches.

4. Tokyo, Japan – home of the samurai, anime, and the most high-tech gadgets and inventions in the world, Japan is the reflection of the futuristic modern consumer society. Tokyo is the center of technology.