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101 Night Sleep Trial with Free Returns on Best Mattress

This is a sponsored post.

Before I met my hubby, I put more emphasis on style over comfort in everything that I bought including mattresses. Over the years, I have changed my thinking. When I go shopping, I now consider comfort and practicality more important than style.  Yes, my husband has greatly influenced me in that area.

I learned my lesson big time when he suggested that I should wear a different pair of shoes on my flight abroad.  I insisted on wearing the pair that was less comfortable yet stylish.  My flight got interrupted and lengthened because of bad weather and I ended up with swollen feet and legs for my whole vacation.   I learned two lessons from that incident, first I should listen to my husband and second the importance of comfort over style.

The mattress that we currently sleep on is not bad. According to my hubby, it is more comfortable than the one that he had when I first moved in. He finds it comfortable for him for now but with his health declining, I think we will probably be looking for a new foam mattress soon.  I will leave that decision-making to him.

I have heard about Puffy mattresses but I have yet to check them out. Puffy is an up and coming Bed-in-Box company. It is designed and manufactured right here in the USA. It is made from non-toxic foams using environmentally friendly practices for manufacturing.

Puffy Mattress uses a specialized 2 layer system with a 3” top layer and a 7” base core layer. The 3” top layer is made from a Deep Sleep Patent Pending Technology foam and it provides you with these three things:

  • Deep comfort and support for pressure relief
  • Super breathability to ensure no overheating or heat build up (body neutral temperature)
  • Adaptive weight distribution

The 7” Base Core Density Support foam provides durability, support, and strength to our comfort layer to ensure you have a longer lasting mattress.

Puffy provides a 101 Night sleep trial with free returns should you not be completely satisfied.  The mattress is also covered by a 15-year warranty.  How can you beat a deal like that?  I will have my hubby check it out.