Sardines Craving

Sardines are not my favorite dish but yesterday I had been craving them :D. My hubby doesn’t like the kind of sardines that I like because of the tomato sauce in it. I bought a couple of cans of hot and spicy sardines a few weeks ago and stocked up the cupboards. One of the reasons that I bought sardines was to mix them with rice noodles.

That may sound yucky to most people here but to Filipino’s it’s a one of a kind dish. I remember the first time I cooked “bihon”, my husband really said it smelled really yucky because I sauteed the garlic that I put together with the bihon and it stunk up the whole house. But I told him, try it because the smell is different from the taste and WOW!, he said, that really is good despite the way it smells.