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Stock Up & Save Big with OREO at Walmart

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The holiday season is coming upon us. This is the time of the year when deal saving hunters like me are on the look out more than ever for coupons. The holiday celebrations and gifts buying can really add up so every little saving is helpful.

I am into couponing myself. Aside from the coupons that I regularly get in the mail for groceries, I also take advantage of the many other promotions that I find on social media. When I found out that I could save a lot of money on OREO cookies, I went to my nearby Walmart right away. The deal was hard to pass up. I love OREO cookies, who doesn’t? The OREO Walmart savings came just in time for the holiday season so I stocked up.
The OREO cookies have always been my favorite cookies ever since when I was a kid. I love them dipped in a glass of warm milk. Of course, I have to lick the fillings first 😀 .  Their “O-O-REO” TV commercial jingle that I remember from 20 years ago still stuck in my head.  I can eat up to ten OREO cookies in one sitting. I remember the time when I, my hubby and his two nephews went fishing and one of his nephews was counting the cookies I had already eaten. He blurted out and said, geez you eat too many cookies. He was probably wondering where I put all the cookies that I ate.  
I bought two bags of OREO cookies when I went grocery shopping yesterday. As soon as I got home, I snacked on them right away. The OREO display pallet was located on the isle of the dairy section at my nearby Walmart. The location makes perfect sense because cookies are best paired with milk.

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The instant redeemable coupon is on OREO packages on the OREO pallet display found at Walmart stores. The coupon is very easy to peel. I used one of my OREO cookie coupons in the checkout. The coupon doesn’t expire until Feb. 15th, 2017 so you can really stock up and save big with OREO cookies.

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If you are someone like me who also loves OREO cookies, now is the time to go to your nearby Walmart and stock up. You can even maximize your savings by combining the ibotta offer.

Image may contain: dessert and foodHere’s how to redeem an ibotta offer:

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